what makes nutritional wellness counseling different from traditional nutritional counseling?




Nutritional wellness counseling goes beyond

discussing the food you eat and takes a holistic approach

that acknowledges how food affects us mind, body and soul


A nutritional wellness package includes a free 15-minute initial consultation, three 90-minute sessions, email support, a nutritional wellness food journal, digital recipe book of vibrant plant-based recipes, my top ten tips for creating delicious whole food meals at home and a subscription to exclusive monthly Nutritional Wellness newsletter including recent research and fresh recipes.


Sessions can be tailored based individual needs determined in the initial consultation, but here is a typical breakdown of what is covered in each session:

Session 1

fostering a happy, healthy relationship with food

  • exploration of food views and potential biases
  • analysis current nutrition/dietary habits
  • determining dietary goals
  • introducing mindful eating practices
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Session 2

creating a satisfying and vibrant whole foods diet that meets your unique nutritional needs and aligns with your values

  • uncovering your personal food philosophy to create your unique nutritional/dietary framework 
  • meeting individual nutrition needs and addressing nutrients of concern 
  • creating dietary harmony - a diet that nourishes mind, body and soul
  • using food to amplify vibrant health
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Session 3

increasing nutritional and dietary competence through tailored nutrition education

  • basics of whole-food, plant-based nutrition
  • synthesizing the information learned during Session 1 and Session 2 to put nutritional wellness into practice 
  • developing dietary success skills including menu planning, creating shopping lists and prepping nutritious food within your existing schedule
  • reorganizing your kitchen/pantry to support nutritional wellness and determined goals


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