organic meal delivery

Make sure your meals are not only RD approved, but chef approved as well! Get nutritious, plant-based meals based on your preferences delivered right to your door. 

reach out and let me take care of dinner

Organic Vegan Meal Delivery

This option is perfect for anyone who is too busy during the work-week to cook, but who still wants to eat mindfully and appreciates delicious and wholesome food.

We’ll collaborate to create a tailored menu each week that aligns with your schedule, preferences and food needs. Only organichome-made and whenever possible local and seasonal ingredients are utilized to make ensure your diet is filled with an abundance of nutrients and not chemicals. All meals are thoughtfully designed to optimize your energy levels and make sure you are looking and feeling your best.

What you get:

  • Initial consultation to determine goals and how to optimize health through nutritious meals

  • Vegan, organic menus tailored to your preferences and designed to meet your individual nutrition goals

  • Delicious, home-cooked meals delivered right to your door (if you prefer the cooking be done in your home, I'm happy to do that too!)

  • No more big grocery trips - I'll take care of all the shopping needed for the meals you order

  • 3 vibrant and flavorful dishes that highlight seasonal ingredients

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